Whatsapp Trick – Chat With Anyone Without Saving Their Mobile Number (Click2Chat)

 Whatsapp Trick – Chat With Anyone Without Saving Their Mobile Number (Click2Chat)

Hi There. Welcome To Loot Bytes. This is my first post. Keep visiting us daily. Let’s get started 🙂 This post is going to tell you guys how you can chat with your friends or any other person on Whatsapp without saving their number in your contact list. Sounds fun, isn’t it? By default, you will have to save a person’s number, then go in Whatsapp, select their number and initiate chat.

You might be wondering – We can save number and then chat. We are not that much lazy. Let me tell you this. Whenever you save any number in your phone, it gets sync with your Google account and might lead to further privacy issues. Let’s see another bright side of this trick :3 If you want to chat with a girl and you have her number, saving it in you phone might lead to many problems. What will happen when your parents catch you? What if your friends take your phone and finds that number and spread it? Troubles everywhere. Let’s not waste time and get into the post :sunglasses:

Guide To Chat Without Saving Mobile Number:-

  1. Download and install Click2Chat App – Click Here
  2. Open the app. You will see a blank space to enter number.
  3. Change County Code if required.
  4. Enter number with which you want to chat.
  5. Enter your message.
  6. Click on Send Now option.
  7. Whatsapp app will open with the message sent.

This app might not work in Whatsapp modded apps like GB Whatsapp or other. You can even schedule your messages. I hope you will find this trick useful. Share it with your friends and Keep Visiting Loot Bytes.

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